Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Sophie

Sophie turned three while we were in Florida. It's hard to believe she is already three, although most of the time she acts like she is 13. This little girl is such a blessing to us. She fills our home with a lot of laughter! Happy Birthday, sweet Sophie! You are God's gift to us.

Sophie with Grandma

With Mommy and Daddy

With her big brothers. Please notice the princess crown from Aunt Trish. Quite fitting.

I have never seen one of my children be so appreciative of gifts. Every time she opened a gift, Sophie would yell, "Thank you! I love it!" So much fun.


kafredrick said...

How precious!
I am beginning to learn how time can fly now that I too am a mommy
love you

Anonymous said...

Super fun to see pix! I haven't seen your family in way too long, Tam! You all look beautiful! We need to catch up again soon. Love checking your blog. Thanks for posting. Love you,