Monday, October 27, 2008

Trip to Raleigh

We recently made a trip to Raleigh.  Scott was attending class in Wake Forest, so the rest of us rode with him and stayed with my brother Tommy and his wife Melannie.  Here's a few photos:

Check out Tommy and Jared.  Jared and Caroline are the same age.  We visited Pullen Park and rode the train.  
We also went to the North Caroline Museum of Natural Sciences (or something like that).  This is one of our kid's favorites.  Here is me with our kids and Jared.  I got more than one comment about the size of our family.  Check out Josh.  He just can't handle taking a normal picture.  

Uncle Scott shows Jared the fishies in the tank.

We had a great time with Tommy and Melannie!  I am thankful for where we are, but trips like this make me sad to live so far away from family, especially since Tommy and Melannie are not only family, but our good friends.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hi everyone

Outside it is turning cooler. This time of year is lovely, but it does hearken at even cooler days to come, which I would love to speed right through into Spring. My kids are outside for hours every afternoon, and I almost hate to call them in for quiet time or reading time. Some days I don't, and just let them revel in being little kids on a crisp fall day. Right now they (my boys) are playing Indiana Jones, complete with whips and ropes and hats and brown clothes. My girls are taking a nap in their room recharging for the afternoon and the evening when Dad will be home and we can enjoy our evening meal together.

This has been a precious time in my spiritual life... as days pass, trials come, seasons change, the Lord has been gracious to draw me close, teach me to trust Him, shown me his love and mercy once again. How great is our God.