Sunday, September 30, 2007


One day I'll write a post that doesn't revolve around life with a newborn, but for now my life is consumed with day to day mothering and just keeping up. Scott calls this 'survival'. I'm thankful for a husband with this kind of attitude.

Yesterday, I slept until 8:30 (Scott would bring Caroline to me to eat, and then I'd go back to sleep...). When I finally got up, I commented on how late I slept and that I didn't mean to let so much time pass with me still in the bed. He immediately told me, "You've got to give that up... right now, it's survival."

Today, when I commented that I shouldn't be as tired as I am, he again gave grace when he reminded me that I work third shift right now, and when you work third shift, you are always tired, no matter how late you sleep. (Sounds like being a seminary student as well.)

Of course, we don't want to live our entire lives just surviving. But when you find yourself in a particularly busy or difficult time, you might have to simply survive, just doing the best you can each day and relying more and more on God's grace to get you through. I have a husband who is constantly reminding me of that, and I couldn't be more thankful for living with that kind of grace.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Prayer time at our house

Sophie has now joined us for family prayer time every night. She is temporarily sleeping in the same room as the boys while Caroline is still getting up through the night. The boys love having her in with them, and she seems pretty keen on the idea as well. We have been enjoying having her join us for prayers. Here is what tonight's prayer time sounded like:

Sophie: "God is good, God is good, thank you for baby Caroline, who we got at the hospital. Amen."

Josh: "Dear God, help us to really do something. And help Uncle Ben to work hard. And help us Lord to do something, help Mama and Dad and me and Carter and Sophie and Caroline to do something. Amen."

Carter: "Dear Lord, please help the children of Uganda. Help our family to all get together and be really happy. Grandma Carter and Grandpa Carter and Uncle Ben and Aunt Erica and Cody and Uncle Richard and Aunt Amanda and Zachary and Granny and Papa and Grandma and Uncle Tommy and my whole family. Help them all to come to our house and get together.

Help my dad to find us a house. And help us to give the children in Uganda toys instead of weapons. And thank you Lord, and Amen."

Then Daddy prays and we all finish with the Lord's prayer. I love this time of day. Gathering around together as a family to beseach the Lord is such a gift. I am grateful for a husband who leads us to God. It also gives us the chance to see what is on the kid's hearts and minds. Sometimes I am brought to laughter, and sometimes I am brought to tears. But I am always blessed.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Mama's little helper

Sophie was so proud of herself to help me wash dishes earlier this week. I had so much fun watching her! Of course, it got a little wet in the kitchen, and we had to change her dress afterwards, but it was totally worth the fun and experience.

Dishwashing is not one of my greatest strengths (I always try to keep the sink free from pileups, but exactly how clean the dishes are might be questioned- Scott has pulled dishes with um, leftovers, on them out of the cupboard more than once, which is fine unless we are serving company! Let's just say I love my dishwasher!) , so maybe Sophie will take over for me over the next few years...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Day one, down

OK, I've made it through my first day and a half completely alone with all my kids! Scott ended up being home most of Monday and Tuesday, so Wednesday was my first trial run and it went great! I told Scott that Wednesday was the day I've been wondering about for a long time: four kids, one being a newborn who has to be fed at least every three hours, after a night of getting up multiple times.

We managed to do a little baking together, as well as some reading out loud, Bible story/memory work, and basic chores. This morning we actually did school and visited a friend.

Of course, this is what my kids would prefer to do all day:
My older kids are baby-magnets! They can't seem to get enough of Baby Caroline.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Too good to be true

I am sitting on the couch enjoying the cooler fall weather. The breeze is coming in through the open glass door. I can hear Sophie playing with her dolly in her room. Caroline is sleeping in her bassinet. My boys are off with their friends, enjoying a Chick-fil-A play date. I had an entire conversation with a friend on the phone this morning.

This doesn't seem right. It is my first day 'on my own' with four kids. My mom is back in Florida, and Scott is at work. And it has been a great morning.

Thank you, Lord! I was a bit worried about how today would go. Of course, I will not take away the fact that I've had help with the boys. And a friend is bringing dinner tonight. And my bed is not made yet (I'm hoping for a short nap while the older kids nap this afternoon). But I am blessed. And today has been a great day so far.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Settling in

We have been home for four days now. I guess I should say four nights, because life with a newborn revolves around how the nights are going. And our nights are going very well. We are so blessed by this baby.

Carter, Josh and Sophie are loving Caroline. One of the greatest blessings of having a larger family is watching your children interact with each other. Caroline's older siblings are constantly hugging, kissing, and asking to see her.

Mama is recovering well. I am continually thanking God for a safe delivery of this beautiful, 9lb 6oz baby. We have been blessed by lots of help from our families and lots of meals from our church family.

Once again, God has visited us with one of his greatest blessings, and we are abundantly thankful.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Still waiting

Well, I am almost 41 weeks pregnant, much to my own surprise. I know babies come in the Lord's time, but I had not given even the slightest thought that our little girl would arrive after her due date. Now here we are almost one week after the day we looked forward to for so long.

When the 31st came and went, I gave into depression and pitying myself. I was of no use or service to my family on Friday night and Saturday morning, much to my shame. The Lord rescued me out of that sin through prayer, scripture, and a simple word from my old friend Elisabeth Elliot, "Do the next thing." (here, as well).

I was stuck on hold, waiting for an event I have no control over. I had stopped cooking dinner every night (what dollar menu can we raid tonight??), and was just getting by every day with other chores. The neat thing is that after I spent time in prayer on Saturday morning (thanks to my husband who took the boys off for donuts so I could spend some time time with the Lord in quiet), Scott came home and gave me some encouragement in the same way. He admonished me to keep going, staying occupied and busy.

Sitting on the couch staring out the glass doors was not displaying trust and hope in God, and was instead passing on my restless mood onto my family. By the time I had given my despair to the Lord, repenting of my lack of belief and trust in God's plan for this baby, I was ready to do the next thing, which for me was grocery shopping, meal planning for this week, and then relaxing in the kitchen while I baked some treats for my family.

Then, on Sunday at church, our pastor continued his way through Colossians, preaching from chapter 1. He reminded us that Christ holds all things together. All things. Every atom and molecule in the universe and beyond is held together by our incomparable Christ. What a life-changing truth! Nothing is out of Christ's hands. Including babies, including how this baby will arrive (I want to avoid an induction but as the days pass, pitocin is getting closer and closer), and of course when she will arrive.

I'm hoping and praying that my next post will be a birth announcement. But if not, I'm praying for more of God, more satisfaction in Christ, and a deeper understanding of His loving control of my life and of all things.