Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's late Sunday night,

and I can't sleep.  This is kind of funny because I've been exhausted since after lunch and now that I have the chance I can't sleep.  I thought I'd write out a few of the thoughts that are floating in my head and keeping me up.

We had a great VBS this past week.  We had over 50 kids which is great considering we have a small church and we live on a small island.  The gospel was clearly presented to these children, and we are praying that God will grow these gospel seeds in his time and draw these children to himself.

Once again, Lifeway did a fantastic job of offering a dynamic curriculum with all the bells and whistles.  

And, once again, Lifeway completely disappointed with a feel good gospel (I know what you are thinking- isn't the gospel supposed to make us feel good? well, yes, no, kind of- it's late) and lack of correct doctrine.  I hope to write more about that soon, but don't want to come across as super critical or cranky.  But I tend to be super critical and cranky about these things, especially stuff like the song that said something about Jesus saving us so that we could 'be a winner.'

On a much lighter and more pleasant note, my oldest son will turn 7 this week!  This is a great time for our family to celebrate God's goodness to us in giving us Carter.  Being the oldest son to two intense, semi-controlling-but-trying-not-to-be-by-God's-grace parents has its challenges, but Carter is an incredible blessing to our family in spite of his parent's (especially his mom's) shortcomings.  We are really looking forward to celebrating his birthday.

And, before I again get too tired to type, I just have to take a minute and tell you about the incredible man I am married to.  I was reminded again this week that I am a woman who has been given a amazing gift of a husband.  This man leads me in God's Word, reminds me of the gospel when I'm wallering in my sin, reads chapter books to our children before bed and then poetry to them after the lights are out.  He makes up incredible stories that take our kid's imaginations to faraway places.  

When he has the day off, he asks us what would make the day fun for us, leading us in a self-sacrificing attitude.  This kind of man showing this kind of love makes submission a light burden and being a wife a joy.

This morning he took the time to lovingly, biblically discipline our boys, even though it was Sunday morning and he was preparing to baptize, preach, and lead in the Lord's Supper.  He came home before evening services just to say hi and tell us that he missed us while he was at the church preparing.  And then, after we got the kids to bed tonight, when I came out to the family room to sit and relax with him, he had HGTV on and waiting.  What more could I ask for?  

Coming up this week: some thoughts on Mommy quiet time (thanks, everybody for your input!).  Now I'm off to try that sleeping thing again...


Cristy Finucane said...

Tami, I love you guys. I really miss you guys.I am so lad Carter was born. What a sweet boy! We Made him a birthday card right before I read this wish we were there to help celebrate! Love y'all

Anonymous said...

I hope you had some good sleep. It's funny when that happens. Praise God for godly husbands and our first borns too (they are our giney pigs! Poor things!) LOL


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Carter from my family!!! Tami, sorry I have not yet emailed you. I want to take the time to catch you up on our life, since I am not a blogger, but have not had the opportunity. I just love that I get to catch up with you often by reading your blog. I miss you! Praise God for Scott and Carter- they certainly are wonderful blessings.. and so are the rest of you for that matter!!