Monday, September 25, 2006

I wasn't quite ready...

Carter took his first solo (sans Daddy) shower tonight. He washed his hair, scrubbed, and rinsed. I kept peaking in, making sure everything was progressing nicely, and it was.

Josh was also in the bathroom, firmly declaring that he wasn't ready for the shower yet (he's still a little scared, and doesn't even enjoy showering with Daddy). I told him he could stick with baths until he is five. Good enough for him.

While Carter was thoroughly enjoying his shower time, I stood amazed at the goodness of God. My child, whom I earnestly hoped and prayed for and joyfully held in my arms for the first time just five short years ago, is growing up! Thank you Lord. Bless him. Save him while he is still young. Give him a hatred for sin and a love for Christ. Give us wisdom and grace and kindness as we raise him.

Carter was so thrilled with himself when he was finished! He wanted to wrap the towel around his waist like he was twenty. He came out and showed Daddy how clean he was nd proudly exclaimed, "I can take a shower all day. I can take a shower for a party."

His last comment especially blessed my heart, "Hey Mom, want to teach me how to wash the dishes?" In due time, Carter, in due time.

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