Monday, September 25, 2006

Our day

We started homeschooling four weeks ago today. I didn't realize it had been that long! Carter is in kindergarten, and we are starting out with Bible and Language Arts, and hope to add math next Monday.

Here's a little bit about what our day looks like right now:

Our school day starts with all three children around the table after breakfast, when we read a story from the children's Bible (I'm using Egermier's), followed by working on our memory verse. We also review the boys' Sunday School lesson (our church uses Desiring God children's curriculum and they are covering almost the same passages that we are in our children's Bible here at home).

After Bible, Sophie goes to play in her room (which she loves!), and Josh plays legos in his room or plays with Sophie in her room (which she doesn't always love.).

Carter and I hunker down with Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons for phonics/reading instruction. After we are done with our lesson (20-30 minutes), Sophie and Josh join us at the table where they color and Carter works on his handwriting lesson.

Next it's time for cleaning up/putting away, and then I'll let the children choose something to play for a few minutes. Next, we'll read together (not quite narrating yet, but we are working on this) for about 15 minutes and then get ready to go outside. I'll walk Sophie in the stroller and the boys will ride their bikes or scooters. Often, we'll visit the playground as well, where Josh is working on his swinging skills and Carter is learning the monkey bars.

By this time, the morning is gone. Some days, it feels like my mind has gone with it! We eat lunch, and I'll read out loud some more if I'm up to it.

I would really like to do some science in the form of nature studies and using some of the great books we have in our library. I'm not quite sure where the time would come from right now, though.

In the midst of the above order of events, there is a lot going on: heart training, pottying, washing hands, picking up, folding a load of clothes, changing diapers, disciplining, instructing... I have moments of real joy, when I know that this is right and I can feel the strength of the Lord. Other moments, I am full of anxiety and sometimes impatience towards my children.

Over the past four weeks, homeschooling my children has been an incredible opportunity for sanctification, showing love for Christ and my children, and of learning another way to die to myself and live for God. I have been thrilled with Carter's progress and thank God daily for his help, strength, and guidance in this endeavor.

I have so much more in my mind and heart to say, but this post is quickly becoming cumbersome to read, so I'll continue more later. And besides, Scott is almost home for his lunch break!

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