Friday, July 11, 2008

Ode to Publix

I just want to take a few minutes and write a few words about my love for Publix. Yes, Publix the grocery store.  As the main food-finder and preparer for a family of six, my grocery store is a very important place to me. 

Here's some things I seriously love and miss about Publix.  I thought I would list them in the order they were found in the Publix closer to my house in Florida.  Let's go on an imaginary trip through the world's best grocery store.

1. Fresh flowers. Cheap, beautiful. Scott would stop by Publix on his way home from work and buy me a dozen beautiful roses for under $10.00. They would come in lots of colors. Publix also carries lots of other fresh flowers at great prices.

Now we are moving onto the bakery, but before we get there, we'll stop by:

2. the organic foods section. The prices and variety here are impressive. Let's grab a bag of blue corn chips. Yum.

3. The bakery. Oh my- fresh baguettes for $1.20. If you stop by around 5:00 in the afternoon, they were still hot. And for your breakfast needs, grab some Breakfast Bread (only if it's buy one get one free, though, which it will be at least once a month), full of raisens, dates, nuts and other goodies. And don't forget the carrot muffins and zuccini muffins. One of each, please. Get your free cookie for the kids and if you have a birthday coming up order the best birthday cake in the South.

4. Now we are about to hit the deli. Yes, ma'am. You'll find roast pork, salami, and turkey for cubans (go run back to the bakery for some fresh cuban bread. We'll wait). Now check out whatever the sale meat and cheese are- you're going to like them. Publix sells Boar's Head brand, which is pricey but is so worth it because BH doesn't contain nitrates and other nasties found in other deli meat. Just stick with whatever is on sale and you'll be fine. And don't forget to ask for a sample or two- the kids are done with their cookies and are ready for their second course.

If this shopping trip is going to run into dinner, you can order a freshly made sub sandwich for $5.99 or less (get the special, I'm telling you!) and the deli will have it waiting for you when you are done with your shopping. My third child was fed these subs at an alarming rate during my pregnancy.

5. Now that we've gotten the deli taken care of, we are headed to the World's Freshest Produce Department. Again, I always stuck with whatever was on sale. Crimini mushrooms, 2/$3?, thank you very much. Salad, 2/$4? I'll take 4. You can also choose from fresh chesnuts at holiday time, pineapple in the summer, and squash of every size and shape in the fall.

6. Here we come up to the cheese/dairy case. What you'll notice first is the prices. Much less than you expected at such a great, clean store. Yes, that is a wedge of fresh parmesan cheese for less than $3.00.  Get one, then head on over to the

7. fresh fish counter. Buy some salmon for $4.99/lb. This is how our family had fresh fish once a week. There was always something on sale, cut to order by the friendly fish guy. He'll even tell you how to cook it. I love this place.

Don't even get me started on the meat department (ok, just a few things: the prices are great, the butcher will cut and package whatever you need and make recommendations, and once again you'll be thrilled with how clean this store is)  because after your cart is loaded and you've made your way to the check out, a very friendly bag boy-person will bag your groceries, bet your children a balloon, and walk you out to load your car.  He'll also insist on not accepting a tip- this is a courtesy provided free of charge.  (My husband's very first job was as a Publix bag boy.  A Florida tradition for many fifteen-year-old youths anxious to start earning a pay check.)

So when I think of things I miss about Florida, I think in this order:  my family, the Gulf beaches, and Publix.  


candy said...

OOOOHhh how I love Publix I totally agree with you. And there is nothing better than Boars head although I wish I never had it because I can't eat anything else now that I have had the real stuff and I love the bread in the bakery as well. And the service can not be beat.. I know what you mean about the meat men and seafood they have helped me on many occassions. On top of it all I am soo spoiled because the Publix I worked at in high school is about 2 miles from my house it is like going home when I am there I love love it... I'll have to send ya something special publixy..;)

Totallyscrappy said...

Ah, Plublix. Yes, that is what my middle son called the bestest grocery store... Plublix! Moving back to Florida means a return to grocery shopping at Plublix!
And that whole best cake in the South thing... you weren't kidding. Our wedding cake came from Publix!

Anonymous said...

the greatest store, ever! (and not just cause I work there!!) =)

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