Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Let's try that again

So we turned our internet back on.  I thought I'd write a few thoughts about life with and without the internet:

It was really nice to be rid of the distraction of the computer.  I think the "I'll just check my email" thing was the best effect, because that email check often turns into a quick click on Safari and then before I know it, 20 minutes is gone and I'm asking the kids to wait just a minute more.

It's funny, though, because even though the internet was no longer a time-wasting temptation, I still found plenty to be distracted with.  I checked more books out from the library, and could get lost in a book instead of on a website.  

This is why, when it comes to specifics not mentioned in Scripture, it is important to follow the leading of the Lord and not only the specific ways he is leading other people.  That pesky heart of mine and the sin that still dwells there- those things were not turned off with our internet connection.  Internet, cable, books, crafting (and I could go on) are not the problem with our time management.  Just like with money, our hearts and motives are at play, so that is where we need to start if we see a change is in order.  Otherwise we'll just be trading one bad habit in for another one.  

Ok, so back to the effects of our time sans internet:  We also got to know our coffee shop employees.  Our little town just opened up a great coffee shop and that is where we would use the internet.  We really enjoyed our time there.  My mom was here for a visit, so Scott and I got to go together a couple of times, which was fun.  

So why did we turn the internet back on?  Scott needs the internet for work a good bit and was soon driving to the coffee shop every day, sometimes twice a day.  We looked at what we were spending on coffee (even though we just get plain coffee or iced coffee), called our internet provider and got some quotes, and saw that we could save money by getting a slower internet connection here at home.  (We haven't noticed any difference with the speed change, so that was an easy money saver.)

So here we are.  I saw such good fruit from my time without the internet that I am going to try and stay off until after the kids are in bed or having their rest time.  But we are both so glad to have it turned back on!  


Anonymous said...

Praise God for that. It's funny how we learn more about ourselves through experiences like those.

I find checking emails are a temptation too! LOL That's why for me, I have to cut the computer off because I'll get drown in easily. LOL

So, I too wait until my early morning rising or/and during their nap time to get on the computer.

It's good to know that I'm not the only one! LOL


Candy said...

Soo true honestly I was wondering how much money you were really saving getting coffee everytime you get on .. plus internet is not that much and the whole time management thing so true .. I will deal with this to the day I die I suppose...