Monday, September 01, 2008

Time for school

Today was our first day of school here at the Ellison house, and I'm excited about the upcoming school year.  This year will be a transitional year for me- I have a baby (who won't be a baby for much longer!) and will be formally homeschooling two children- Josh in Kindergarten and Carter is 2nd grade.  And of course, Sophie will be here doing preschool.

Needless to say, we will be busy and I do not feel fully equipped to juggle all of this... so I'm asking for a little help from my friends.   I would love for some of you to write about your daily schedule and how you manage your homes from day to day.  I know not all of my friends homeschool and not all of them are stay at home moms, but I think we could each really learn from each other and be encouraged at the same time.

Now, this is not supposed to be a venue to impress each other- I'm not looking for perfected, rigid schedules.  Actually, it would be especially helpful if we could share some things that don't work in our schedules.   

Just like with the quiet time post, I'm hoping there will be a good bit of variety.  So how about it?  Who wants to go first?  Post a comment or email me (if the comment section would be inadequate- my email address is in my profile) and let me know how things work around your house!

Here' s what I'm looking for:
How many children?  Ages?
School aged?
If no, how do you manage your day with preschoolers? (this was an enormous challenge for me!)
Do you homeschool?
If no, give me how your morning routine flows in getting everyone dressed/fed/out the door, and evening routine for dinner/homework/baths/bedtime
If yes, grade levels of children and how you multi-task/teach multiple grade levels?  And what about those preschoolers???

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Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

I am "blog hopping" tonight, and I wanted to introduce myself! I love meeting women and reading about thier hearts and thoughts on blogs.

It's nice to meet you!