Monday, September 01, 2008

State of confusion

I'm a bit confused about what to think about Sarah Palin's nomination for VP.  I think her position on key issues is right on.  I admire her courage to stand up for what is right, even when her own political party becomes her foe in a particular situation.  I think her character, by all outward signs, is strong and virtuous.  Politically speaking, I think her candidacy is right on.  I'm sure our family will be casting our vote for the McCain/Palin ticket.

So here's my dilemna:  What about her kids?  Sarah Palin is strongly pro-life, which for me is a deal-breaker (if a candidate is not pro-life I cannot vote for them... this belief is a cornerstone belief of our culture and society).  In order to faithfully fulfill the commitment involved in being a Vice-President (or possibly the President, although very unlikely), she will have to essentially give up raising her children.  This seems a bit contradictory.  Yes, her husband can step in.  So can other supportive family members.  But those children only have one mother.  Will they be grateful to give up their mother to 'the cause'?  

Others have written about Palin being equated with Deborah of the Old Testament.  This seems quite out of context.  I've also read warm thoughts about the Kennedy children playing under their Daddy's desk in the Oval Office.  But he was a dad, not a mother, and the roles are very different.  

Am I holding Sarah Palin up to my own convictions instead of allowing her to live out her own life under God?  
Am I wrong to see the contradiction in being pro-life and then leaving your children for a high-profile job that will require your heart and soul to accomplish?
Am I being a bit melodramatic to equate her taking this position with 'giving up raising her children'?

What do you think?  Set me straight.

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