Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bedtime here at our house, part 2 (a few more words about babies and bedtime)

Yesterday I posted a bit about our early experience with bed time. We were strictly 'Babywise' parents with Carter, our oldest. Three hour schedules, never ever rocking at bed time- this system has both pros and cons, but I have learned with experience that such rigidity is not necessary to achieve the goal of even very young children happily going to bed.

When Josh was born 19 months after Carter, I had some pretty significant problems while we were still in the hospital. We ended up staying for almost a week while I recovered and got my strength back. He was also very jaundiced and had to stay in the nursery unless I was feeding him.

This made for a difficult time for me as a mommy with a new baby whom I loved so much. Carter had stayed in my room after he was born, and I found his 'rooming in' with me to be helpful in establishing good breastfeeding as well as providing a great opportunity for bonding. Because of my own difficulties and Joshua having to stay in the nursery, when we left the hospital I felt like I was still in a daze. But I was happy to be recovering and taking a beautiful baby boy home to see his big brother.

After we got home, it took me several more weeks to fully recover and regain my strength. God was so gracious to me! Josh slept so well right from the beginning.

I kept him on the same three-hour feeding schedule, nursing him right when he woke from his naps. At night, he would wake up just once and go right back to sleep after I had nursed him. I don't remember him 'crying it out' at all. This could be because he spent his first week on the schedule of the hospital nursery. (He was fed on a fairly strict schedule there, and then would go right back on the bili-lights.)

I know for sure that God was with us! I had a newborn and a 19-month-old and was very weak, but I don't remember that time as particularly trying (maybe I have mommy-amnesia, but I really remember this as a sweet time). We also moved four states south (from Kentucky to Florida) when Josh was six weeks old, and both boys made the transition smoothly.

Josh was sleeping so well at six weeks that when we moved I put him in the same room as Carter. Carter never skipped a beat, and when I would go get them in the morning, I would often find Carter standing in his crib smiling over into Josh's crib. What sweet memories!

Tomorrow: A girl is born: here comes Sophie (and more about bed time- I think I digressed a bit in this post!)


Kristi said...

Tami. I remember when Josh was born.... Also, to stay on the subject, I feel the same way about Carson and his sleeping. With Miles I spend lots and lots of time listening to him crying and being sad myself. Carson hasn't seemed to need that. Have I changed, or is he a "good" baby?

Tami said...

I think both- our later babies learn quickly that we will be there as soon as we can, and it's not always right away!

Also, we are much more relaxed as mommies as we now realize it's going to be ok, really.

Have I thanked you lately for being there for me when Josh was born? Carter didn't even miss us b/c he was with his good buddy Miles and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, whom he loved. What a friend you have been to me!