Wednesday, November 01, 2006

For mother's of boys, only

If you don't have children yet, or have only girls, you may not want to read this post. Really.

If however, you have one or more boys, share a knowing laugh with me as I recount the following conversation I had with my three year old today:

J: Mom, what's my bottom do?"

Me: "It goes poop" (I told you not to read this if you don't have boys!)

J: "What's poop do?"

Me: "It goes in the toilet."

J: "What's the toilet do?"

Me: "It flushes."

J: "Then what's it do?"

Me: "It goes down to the sewer." (I'm no toilet expert!)

J: "What's the sewer do?"

At this point I was at a loss of knowledge about the waterworks system and what exactly the sewer doos, so I just moved my hands in a back and forth/swishing motion and said, "It doos this..." This seemed to satisfy him and off to nap he went.


TaraK said...

I can relate. I'm sure I've had a conversation like that. Except at the end of the what the sewer "doos" I just tell him to ask Grandpa Wayne, he works with the sewer system!

On Fire For Him said...

I so get this one. My oldest boy asks these sort of questions all the time.