Tuesday, November 06, 2007

In our new house

Well, we are settling into our new, old house. Scott's job moved us a couple of hours east, and we bought an old farm house. Scott's new job will allow him more time for school, which he hopes to continue online as well as driving back to campus.

The house is proving to be interesting, but we are not surprised given it is almost (we think) 80 years old. The kids are loving having a lot of space, and it is fun to go outside and play with them. We liked our apartment on campus, but we were very quickly running out of room (we had 1000 square feet), especially after Caroline was born. Now we have more space inside and out, which we really needed. Of course, because our home is so old, we lost some closet and storage space but I am trying to be creative with where to put things!

I hope to write more as we get settled, and to post more pictures of the kids. Check back soon!


Renata said...

Funny how our lives parallel in many ways. The house we live in was built in the 20s so we're also short on closet space. What did people wear and eat back in the day???
For the kitchen pantry, we've been combing craigslist for armoires and such.
On the other hand, there is TONS of storage closets in the basement.

Tami@ourhouse said...

It is interesting how the Lord has providentially given us much of the same circumstances!

The closets and pantry are so lacking! I think people only had a few clothes, and they used pegs on the wall quite a bit. Not too sure about the food, since I would guess that they 'put up' a lot of food from their gardens and trips to town would have been difficult, so food would have been bought in large quantities.

We don't have a basement- our house is near the coast, so the water level is too high. I am learning to live with more 'stuff' around than I like. Well, I am not really learning to do that yet. I'm still in the struggling stage. I need to grow in the area of contentment.