Friday, September 21, 2007

Mama's little helper

Sophie was so proud of herself to help me wash dishes earlier this week. I had so much fun watching her! Of course, it got a little wet in the kitchen, and we had to change her dress afterwards, but it was totally worth the fun and experience.

Dishwashing is not one of my greatest strengths (I always try to keep the sink free from pileups, but exactly how clean the dishes are might be questioned- Scott has pulled dishes with um, leftovers, on them out of the cupboard more than once, which is fine unless we are serving company! Let's just say I love my dishwasher!) , so maybe Sophie will take over for me over the next few years...


Kristi said...


We have the exact same hand soap, dish soap and red and white striped dish rag! Weird huh!

Tami@ourhouse said...

Hi friend! Great minds think alike, I guess (or all shop at Target?).

I really miss you- I was just looking at a photo of me and Carter in our Louisville apartment and of course I thought of you and Miles!

I'll be emailing you or calling soon. I really want to catch up and fill you in on life with four.