Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Prayer time at our house

Sophie has now joined us for family prayer time every night. She is temporarily sleeping in the same room as the boys while Caroline is still getting up through the night. The boys love having her in with them, and she seems pretty keen on the idea as well. We have been enjoying having her join us for prayers. Here is what tonight's prayer time sounded like:

Sophie: "God is good, God is good, thank you for baby Caroline, who we got at the hospital. Amen."

Josh: "Dear God, help us to really do something. And help Uncle Ben to work hard. And help us Lord to do something, help Mama and Dad and me and Carter and Sophie and Caroline to do something. Amen."

Carter: "Dear Lord, please help the children of Uganda. Help our family to all get together and be really happy. Grandma Carter and Grandpa Carter and Uncle Ben and Aunt Erica and Cody and Uncle Richard and Aunt Amanda and Zachary and Granny and Papa and Grandma and Uncle Tommy and my whole family. Help them all to come to our house and get together.

Help my dad to find us a house. And help us to give the children in Uganda toys instead of weapons. And thank you Lord, and Amen."

Then Daddy prays and we all finish with the Lord's prayer. I love this time of day. Gathering around together as a family to beseach the Lord is such a gift. I am grateful for a husband who leads us to God. It also gives us the chance to see what is on the kid's hearts and minds. Sometimes I am brought to laughter, and sometimes I am brought to tears. But I am always blessed.


Candy Morris said...

I love our prayer time too... but Jacob can not move past thank you for mommy, daddy, paige and natalie.. amen then help me make good choices at kindergarden tomarrow amen... then God help me think about good things so I don't have bad dreams I just don't want them.. amen EVERY night I try to switch it up but old faithful alway comes up he wants me to say it and Paige prays about everything under the sun and Natalie just wants to sing to God so we do that ... they are so precious singing to God.. expectially at 2.

Tami@ourhouse said...

Sweet, Candy! Thanks so much for commenting! Our lives have been so parallel, haven't they? We even met our hubbys during the same summer.

Cristy Finucane said...

Um, I pray Josh's prayer EVERY day. Lord, Help me to SOEMTHING...anything! Me and Josh, on the same wavelength!

Finucane said...

that was meant to say SOMETHING not soemthing, although, I may pray that some days too. Half the time I don't know what I'm saying!

Tami@ourhouse said...

Cristy, please tell me how to get on Josh's wavelength!