Friday, July 06, 2007

Another reason I love cable

I've been in a cooking slump for a few months. I usually love to cook and can't wait to get in the kitchen each afternoon to start dinner. This affection for cooking naturally spreads into grocery shopping, because a big part of cooking is having the right ingredients.

Anway, since we got cable back yesterday, I of course have been tuning into the Food Network (that is, of course, when not watching tv with my husband), and I think lack of cable may have been to blame in my whole cooking aversion.

I was blaming this phenomenon on being nauseous, then tired, due to being pregnant. But now I think I've found out the truth: I was lacking inspiration.

Now I am dreaming of making bread pudding with Rum sauce (thanks, Paula Deen), gnocci with gorgonzola sauce (thanks, Sandra Lee) and let's not forget farfalle pasta with mushroom-walnut sauce (thanks, Giada De Laurentiis).

So maybe my family will be eating something other than frozen California Pizza Kitchen pizzas, chicken and yellow rice, and meatloaf. Nothing wrong with any of those, but only cooking those dishes has been sucking the energy out of me. (This has to be the source of my lack of energy- it couldn't be the third trimester of pregnancy or caring for my other three little people, right?)

Thanks again, sweetheart, for the cable. The whole family thanks you. I might even watch a little Steven Segal again with you tonight, while we eat our bread pudding.

And no, I have not yet exhausted my store of writing about cable.


Tammy C said...

My husband is a Food Network junkie.I like watching the show about the Next Food Network Star.

I came to your blog through Biblical Womenhood.

Tami said...

Hi Tammy! On my other post about cable, my husband commented about the Food Network Star show. I think they have a marathon of that show today...

Thanks for stopping by!

Nikki said...

You are way too cute...enjoy your new recipes!!!
Love you. Glad to know you are doing well.