Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Drama queen

My daughter Sophie is clearly a drama queen. I could write pages and pages about her ups and downs, highs and lows- there is rarely a middle ground in her range of moods.

Today was a prime day for Sophie's dramatic expression. She was dressed in her 'princess dress'- a hand-me-down dance outift from a friend, complete with sequins and tulle skirt. She had on her candy jewel ring, which she kept handy in case she needed a sugar refill.

This morning, Sophie did not feel it adequate to talk in normal tones of voice. Instead, whatever she said, she did so in loud, sad, song-like voice. I'm sure all mothers can easily hear the voice I'm talking about.

Anyway, her sentences went something like this, "THE BOYS WON'T LET ME SIT ON THEM!!"; "I WANT MORE ORANGE JUICE!!!"; "CAN I GET DOWN??!!,"; "WHERE IS MY PLAY PHONE????!!!"; "YOU TOLD ME NO!!!"; "WILL YOU HOLD ME MOMMY????!!!"

Finally, I told her, "Sophie, stop the drama."

To which she replied, "MOMMY, YOU TOOK MY DRAMA!!!"

If only it were that simple.


Micah Fries said...


I'm not a mom, but our oldest, Grace, sounds like a twin to your daughter. That goes for the "princess dress" and all. As the only guy in a house full of females, learning to understand, and even appreciate, these interesting idiosyncrasies has been a fascinating progression in my life.

Any way, I think that Tracy and I can sympathize with you! :-)

Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Ha ha! I can totally relate! With two little princesses myself!
Angela :)