Friday, July 06, 2007

Pregnancy update

I realized that I announced our pregnancy, took several months off from posting, and then started up again without mentioning how things are going in the whole new baby situation.

We still have until the end of August before our little girl will be here. We have named her but will probably wait until she is born to make an official announcement.

I am feeling much better. I was sick for about 18 weeks, then I hit a good spot and felt better in the nausea department as well as not too uncomfortable.

I am not sick very often right now, but I'm having a good bit of back pain which I think is my sciatic nerve. I have mildly strong contractions throughout the day.

The baby is growing well. I am very excited about her arrival. I guess I had thought that by the time #4 arrived, I would be used to having babies and would just be ready for life to continue. But I am as excited as I have ever been to meet our new little one. Scott mentioned the other day that he feels the same way, and is actually looking forward to my going into labor.

My older three are so sweet about our new baby. They all feel my tummy and Sophie loves to give the baby kisses through my shirt. Josh seldom prays without mentioning "Mommy and the new baby", and Carter has already told me that if we need him to, he'll let the baby sleep in his room and get up with her and give her a bottle.

The next several weeks will be spent resting, getting the room finished (we are hoping to do that this weekend, actually), and enjoying the rest of summer. Even though I am pregnant, I am thoroughly enjoying the warm weather. I really am a tried and true Florida girl, but I had to move to North Carolina to discover that!

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