Thursday, July 05, 2007

A night of torture, I mean togetherness, I mean cable tv

We recently signed up for cable tv. We have considered this decision for a few months, beginning with the four months I spent in bed from exactly the time Scott got home from work until the next morning, otherwise known as The First Trimester of each of my pregnancies.

The in between time since then has been well spent reading in the evenings, talking, and watching network tv a couple of nights a week. Now that summer is here and the networks are full of horrible judging programs showcasing the best of the best in the worlds of dancing, singing, comedy, and making stuff no one wants or needs, our options have been limited.

Also factoring into our decision is the fact that I am becoming less and less productive and energetic, if that were at all possible (those of you who know me know exactly what I'm talking about). My couch time is on the increase, and is showing signs of a continual upward climb.

In other words, it's time to provide the pregnant lady with some wholesome quality entertainment, which includes watching men with mustaches cussing each other out while they make motorcycles, all eight (or 15) years of Law and Order, or the life cycles of pond-dwelling animals such as frogs and salamanders (had to spell check that one- see what too much tv does to your brain?).

So, in light of all this cable goodness, why would my husband subject me to watching Steven Segal do karate on bad-guy cowboys, on this our inaugural evening of the loveliness which is cable tv?

We could be discovering what kind of weather the fine folks in Lincoln, Nebraska will be enjoying tomorrow, or ordering new pots and pans designed by a celebrity chef, or finding out the answers to the important questions in life, like how are Jolly Ranchers made.

But instead it looks like I'll be enjoying watching an aging, pony-tailed man in a tight all-black outfit karate chopping in slow motion while dodging rattlesnakes. And let me tell you, it is riveting. Of course, it could be COPS reruns. And I could be by myself instead of relaxing with the man who is the love of my life and whose decision it was to get me cable in the first place.

I guess I'll suck it up and enjoy the show, or at least pretend to.


Anonymous said...

I thought you enjoyed watching Stephen Segal because he is so handsome.

I guess I will have to watch some effeminate men decorate a room or maybe I will be lucky and I can see a women carpenter building a table for a home make over. All this sounds like fun too...

The part you didn't tell is that after only 20 minutes I gave you the remote and spent the rest of the night watching a bunch of cry-babies trying to fight for a place on a new cooking show. That was a lot like watching Carter's T-ball team play. They are all really cute but no body knows what they are doing.

It was fun to be with you even though one of us is always suffering when we watch tv.

Love ya,
Your Hubby

Anonymous said...

I love COPS!

Tami said...

Brent, whose side are you on???

Anonymous said...

I'm on God's side and God is on the side of justice.

Tami said...

Yes Brent, God is a just God and is on the side of justice when all those cops haul away the unshirted, unshowered, barefooted criminals. My only question is, why do I have to watch? :)