Sunday, June 08, 2008

I need it every day

My handsome pastor (and husband) preached from Hosea 3 today.  The gospel message is so clear in this text- God redeeming his people from sin, loving us while we were still sinners, and paying the price to ransom us from death.  I was reminded again that I am Gomer, the adulteress, the woman who prostituted herself to sin and who had forsaken her faithful Lord to go her own way.

I am thankful for the reminder that God has redeemed my soul, and my passion for serving and loving my Savior has been renewed.  The gospel is not just powerful to save us, it is powerful to keep and to continue to change us.  

As I was reminded of the goodness of God and his merciful kindness, he was faithful to bring to mind sin that still dwells in my heart.  I still have a sin problem, and my sin keeps me from experiencing joy to the fullest and puts a wedge between me and the One who loves me with an everlasting love.  I was saved once for all time, but I still stand in need of the power of the gospel to convict me of my sin and give me power and hope to overcome the sin that still resides in my heart.

The gospel also serves to give me endless praise for so great a Savior.  What kind of God is this, who buys back that which is already his, who sets his affections on his enemy, who sent his beloved Son to die for those who hated him?  I am again shocked and amazed and deeply gladdened by such a gracious saving King.  Oh my soul praise him for his thy help and salvation.

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Anonymous said...

Have you by any chance read any Francine Rivers books? She wrote a book based on the Hosea/Gomer story and it's called "Redeeming Love". It was awesome. Impacting. Humbling. I am a Gomer, too.