Wednesday, June 18, 2008

WFMW: Story Bible for Children

We have tried a lot of Bible picture books.  Some have been good and some not so good.  Instead of critiquing the not so good, I though I'd tell you about how much we like this one and why it's been so helpful to us.

The Big Picture Story Bible uses very simple language to tell the great stories of the Bible.  God's redemptive work throughout the Bible is highlighted.  God is the subject of the stories.

One of the best things about this story Bible is given in its name: It presents the Bible as one complete book, with the main story of God's redemptive work woven throughout many books over many centuries.  I didn't 'get' that until I was an adult.  I never connected Abraham to Moses to David to the prophets to Jesus to the apostles.  I didn't see the Bible as one book with one main point, instead it was a disconnected set of stories.

This good book is helping me to teach my children the major themes of the Bible in a simple, understandable way.  And that works for me.


kathie said...

Thanks for posting this...I will have to check this one out. We have two children's Bible...but this seems to be more of what I am looking for, thanks!

Tami@ourhouse said...

I hope you like it, Kathie! Thanks for visiting.

*j-u-l-e-s* said...

i just ordered it!thanks!