Thursday, June 12, 2008


T-Ball season has come and gone.  We are always glad to start t-ball, and I am always glad when the last game is played.  Those few weeks of hurried afternoons, late dinners, and late bed times serve our family in many ways.  We get to meet new people, which we love.  This year this was especially great because we are so new to our community.  

T-ball also gives our boys a chance to learn a new skills.  Carter was tearing the field up this year with strong batting, fast running, and consistent cat

Josh was tearing up the field in another way- getting thoroughly dizzy drawing  intense circles in the clay with his cleats and wrestling in the dug-out with his new buddies.  (In all fairness, not all his time was spent this way- when he was up to bat, he was focused and he ran fast around the bases.)  

Last year, when Carter was learning the game, I was always very nervous.  Would he strike out?  Would he catch the ball?  This time around, I was able to laugh and enjoy the learning curve.

Take a look:

Here's Josh throwing the ball to first, sporting his signature look- the "only the front" shirt tuck.

"Carter, look over here so I can take your picture."

Carter after hitting the ball.  He was always the last player on his team up to bat, so the coaches would have him run the bases.  He started to think that he had hit a home run every time.  I had to tell him the real story- he was just the base cleaner, so to speak.  He took it well.

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