Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Detangling little girl's hair

When Sophie was born, I entered into a whole new arena of motherhood. Of the many things I've learned over the past twenty-two months, learning to 'do hair' is one of the most important!

Sophie has long, fine hair that often gets tangled, especially right after her bath. To help get the tangles out, I've discovered a great thing: Pantene Smoothing Comb-in Treatment. I put a pea-sized amount in my palm and rub it in from the roots to the ends. This has worked much more effectively than No More Tangles, and keeps her hair soft and shiny and smelling great. One bottle will last at least a year. Works for me!


Anonymous said...

I love Pantene products!!

Thanks for stopping by - I hope your mac & cheese turns out well! (I'm already excited to eat my left overs for lunch!) :-)

God bless -

On Fire For Him said...

Hey Tami!
Good to read your blog again. It sounds as though you are all settling in well with school and life as a wife of a student. We are enjoying our new life as well!
Looking forward to reading your blogs again!
On Fire

heartsjoy said...

Thanks for the tip, I know what you mean about learning about that tangly hair :)