Saturday, October 14, 2006

Donut Day

Saturday is Donut Day here at our house. Donut Day is when Daddy takes the boys to get- you guessed it- donuts. They head out early, while I am usually still in bed. While they are gone, I take a shower, read my Bible, and get Sophie up and dressed.

Meanwhile, at the donut shop (a local shop we've come to love), each boy picks his favorite (powdered for Carter, sprinkles for Josh) along with chocolate milk. They settle into a table and chat and the boys get to watch the only tv they see all week (usually Playhouse Disney or Nick, Jr). At some point, I'm sure Scott would like to transition to more in depth discussions, but for now all three enjoy simply sitting together, enjoying their sweets and each other's company.

After the donuts and chocolate milk have been consumed at the donut shop, my three men head home with my favorite donut (glazed) in tow, along with the least-messy donut they can find for Sophie (usually plain cake). We girls enjoy our treats and grill the guys with the same questions every week, "How was it? Did you like your donut?..."

Saturday mornings are special- the boys enjoy their donuts and Daddy enjoys the quiet ritual of time with his boys. During the week, Carter often asks, "Is tomorrow when Daddy stays with us (his way of describing Saturday)?" Donut Day is a simple ritual with very little financial cost, but lots of impact. I'd love to hear if anyone else has any rituals around their house.

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