Friday, October 06, 2006

What a week

This week has been busy and blessed. Scott has been on fall break from school, so he has been taking his lunch and class breaks and studying, as well as using the early evening hours to study for next week's mid-terms and papers. He has needed to take the computer with him for research, so I have been computer-less.

The break from cyberspace has been nice, but I realized how much I use the internet to keep in touch with friends and to stay updated with world events. I find it much more simple to catch the headlines and weather online instead of being on the newscaster's time table to find out if Carter should wear 'big pants' (his favorite- the child asks every day if it is going to be 'chilly outside') or shorts.

Ever notice that in order to find out how hot/cold/wet the day is going to be, you must endure at least fifteen minutes of commercials, fluffy filler stories, and various people screaming hello to their children and grandchildren?

Not that I don't enjoy morning news programs. When I was single, I would often turn on Today or Good Morning America while I got ready or ate breakfast. I also found that the morning shows reflect (secularly) what influences mainstream America- as well as our fellow believers.

But now, indulging in such tv viewing, especially in the morning hours, means that someone's breakfast is being delayed, my boys are getting restless in their room, or my daughter is probably calling, "Mama!!!" for the twentieth time from her crib.

On top of the lack of convenience in my mother-to-young-children schedule, I have come to realize that most of the 'news' in the early morning shows is unnecessary nonesense and about 90% of the 2 hours (!) of content boils down to a colossial waste of time! Harsh? Yes, but true!

I'm not quite sure how my update on our week turned into a commentary on morning news shows (which I have watched for so long!), but there it is.

Enough about that. I hope to be able to keep up a little better in the coming days. I have much more on my mind than I have time to write!

Until then, it's off to the Farmer's Market tomorrow with my little family. Carter wants to show me "the meat and the candles and the soap..." Sounds like a great way to spend a fall Saturday morning.


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