Monday, October 09, 2006

My roles

I have been contemplating the goodness of God in placing me in the role of woman, wife, and mother. We have had a lot of change in the past several weeks- a different state, vocation for Scott, apartment, church, lifestyle, income bracket, -and all of this change made away from the comfort of my mother's reassuring presence (I miss you, Mom!).

However, in the midst of all this change, my roles in life have stayed the same. I am basically doing the same things- just in front of a different backdrop. I am still a child of God, the helper and lover to Scott, and the trainer and lover of my children.

Even though we have moved hundreds of miles away from what used to be home, I still pray, cook dinner, sweep floors, bandage hurts, counsel various family members, teach phonics and catechism and kindness, and have a lot of fun playing with and caring for my family (because these are many of the everyday ways my roles as child of God, wife, and mother play out during this season of my life). This has made our transition to a new place infinitely more smooth and easy.

These roles are simple, yet quite difficult- and even impossible apart from God's grace. How thankful I am that I am able to embrace and rejoice in how God has made me and the specific role He has given me to play in His grand plan of redemption. And how thankful I am for the simplicity and comfort I receive when I seek to live out who God has made me to be.

Being a woman is a wonderful, enjoyable, God-glorifying thing. As I learn more and more what it practically means to be a suitable helper (Gen 2) and to submit (Eph 5) and to love (Titus 2), I am blessed with great joy in God's perfect plan for women.

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Roberta said...

Thanks for saying Hi! :)
We moved away from home and familiarity almost 16 months ago, I feel for you and can totally relate to the "doing the same routine with a different backdrop"...we went from rain and GREEN to sunny and brown. I don't complain about the sun anymore (but I did at first, I don't always do so well with change).
There have been days of fear,lonliness, sadness and many tears...but I am learning that it really is a very beautiful place to be as I am emptied out and Christ pours himself into me. Although this purification process sure does bring my sin and yuckiness to light. God is good!
So...sorry, many thoughts happening here...I pray God will comfort you and draw you to Him, and that you will have *joy* as you daily serve your family in your new home and backdrop. :)